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We take a closer look.

In order to find new paths you need to try new approaches. That is why we take a closer look. We get to know you and we speak your language. We leave the beaten path and discover the treasures. We drive growth. We hear what you want and we make it happen. We achieve the goals. Allround team offer services and solutions that will make your company standout. We support you passionately and will be waving the chequered flag proudly when you cross the finish line.


20160415_Blog Onkologie_Teaser
United in the fight against cancer

Four hospitals unite under the banner of the new Oncology Centre in Cologne's North-West.

900km through the US in 7 days

Matthias goes on tour with AIDS/LifeCycle 2016

Smile more beautifully

More information and tips on the new website www.gesunder-mund.de

STIGMAfighters become Superqueeroes

The fighters against exclusion move to a comic exhibition at the Gay Museum in Berlin