We have an experienced, enthusiastic and highly dedicated team waiting to assist you with developing a bespoke communication strategy linked to your goals.

Good communication ensures your target group gets to know about your products and services; great communication gives you the competitive edge.

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Customer Information


The first step is about providing clear, basic information. Excessive text in this stage can discourage your customers. We therefore develop a range of visual communication tools such as instructional graphics, exploded-view drawings for technical products, and video clips, which can be used as quick tutorials for onboarding.


Digitalization & Digital Transformation


The world is digital. This creates both challenges and opportunities. We are happy to help you manage these challenges and take full advantage of the opportunities by supporting you in four key areas.

Virtual Meetings, Conferences & Events:

To allow you as an organizer or company to focus on the content, we can design and operate the digital platform for your event. We have a highly skilled moderation and technical team who can guide and support your presenters, invite and induct participants, manage tools, links, chats and digital break-out sessions, as well as troubleshoot in action where required. We also have experienced facilitators and conference chairs, if you wish to delegate these tasks to our team.

Digitalization Service:

If you want to make your business processes more time and cost efficient as well as sustainable, we can advise you on tools and possible (state) funding to assist you in moving towards a paper-less office.

Digital Training:

Digital transformation will only succeed if the team can use the tools. For this purpose, we offer specific training and, if required, individual accompanying and support in the onboarding process.

Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing provides you with the opportunity to communicate your message (internally and/or externally) quickly, in a creative, contemporary and sustainable manner. We can offer expert advice as well as develop a strategy and content to suit your needs across relevant platforms, including social media.


Editorial Journalism


You want to address your target audience with specialist print media. We can help you do this. Our journalists specialize across a broad spectrum of medical, technical and social fields, using a language which will appeal to a wide and diverse range of customers.

Together with the wrap around services of our communications team, they can provide anything from flyers and pamphlets to magazines and published journals.



Successful promotion of your products and services depends in large part on the quality of your campaign. We know about effective campaigning. Using digital media and target group-specific language, we can develop and operate online platforms to reach a growing number of potential customers.

For the sales professionals in your company, we develop specific sales aids such as tablet-optimized apps.

And if you would like to impress your customers further, we can provide you with an augmented reality application. This application allows you to explain and demonstrate your products in 3D, helping the customer to imagine the product in its future context. Now that is convincing…



  • We can enhance your customer communications across a range of activities:
  • Planning and organization of workshops
  • Implementation of (scientific and non-scientific) symposia
  • Media preparation of exhibitions up to the full construction of trade fair stands. Examples of recent work include supporting a leading automotive supplier prepare for CES (the Consumer Electronics Show, Las Vegas) and designing and preparing the trade fair stand for a global pharmaceutical manufacturer.