User-centered innovation, interaction design, communication and internationalization is at the heart of everything we do.

Together with our clients we move beyond assumptions, habits and biases to create the experience of tomorrow.


  • With more than 20 years of experience we support you in the development of:
  • innovative product and service concepts
  • user-friendly operating interfaces
  • effective communication strategies
  • local as well as international strategies to extend your market reach

Full Service: From initial idea to communication of the final product.

The “Allround Principle” streamlines the process of concept innovation, UX and product communication, letting you save time and costs by coordinating and providing all the services required – from initial idea to final output – from our inhouse one-stop shop.



Your users are the best source of inspiration and the heart of our innovation process. From initial ideas to testable prototypes, we support you in the creation of promising ideas.

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You have an innovative idea and are looking for an interaction concept to make it fly. No problem! We can help you make this happen.

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We have an experienced, enthusiastic and highly dedicated team waiting to assist you with developing a bespoke communication strategy linked to your goals.

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Within Allround we have an “Internationalization Team” that helps you to adapt your product and its marketing to local conditions.

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