Creating new concepts for products and services: that is your future. Your users are the best source of inspiration and the heart of our innovation process. From initial concept to testable prototypes, we support you in the realization of innovative ideas.

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Are you looking for new concepts for products and services? Then it is important to begin by researching the market, the behavior and the interests of your users.

  • We will support you with:
  • Branch-specific trend analyses
  • Big Data Analysis such as the usage behavior of driver assistance systems
  • Customer-based benchmarking, in which test customers compare your products with those of your competitors in a standardized procedure
  • Qualitative procedures for the analysis of the needs of your final customers (e.g. observation procedures)

User Requirements

All previous research results are used to define initial requirements for the product or service.

These User Specifications are enhanced by requirements as defined in relevant standards (e.g. ISO 9241 Software Ergonomics) or branch-specific guidelines such as 2004/17/EG and 2004/18/EG Accessibility for railway products.


User Journeys

Each user exists within a dynamic eco-system. We understand this and work intelligently and sensitively to map a tried and tested path which takes account of the impact of internal as well as external factors.

Starting with a task analysis – describing and analyzing task performance when users interact with complex systems – we use the science of ergonomics to refine the design of your product. This enables us to optimize its human use.

The design and use of your product/service can then be described in a user-friendly (mostly illustrated) User Journey, visualized as a Story Board. In this way, complex ideas, high tech products and broad-ranging services can be understood and accessible to all.


Concept Development

We begin the creative process with Design Thinking Workshops and Design Sprints. These can be carried out by our teams or conducted in collaboration with your company. If you would like to use the creative potential within your own company, we would be happy to act as co-creators, providing you with moderating support. For the best results, we recommend you take full advantage of our potential to draw on the expert skills and knowledge of our interdisciplinary team of UX designers, engineers, psychologists, prototypers and researchers. This team is then supported by the wrap around services provided by our communication, marketing and sales, and internationalization teams.




Prototyping turns promising ideas into a tangible reality.
Depending on the available time and desired degree of reality, we can offer anything from Low Fidelity Prototyping (with prototypes made of cardboard), through to Digital and/or Physical Prototyping (using wood, metal or plastic-based models and, where necessary, 3D printing) using specialist software to generate digital interactions. We can also generate your future realities as mock-ups using virtual reality.




Finally we put your/our innovative ideas to the test. At this stage the user gets the chance to speak. For this purpose we conduct qualitative and quantitative studies with representative samples of people from your potential customer base.

Testing involves interviewing the participants and observing their use of the prototype, together with conducting empirical studies drawing on objective data such as time on task and faults.

The focus is always the user – is s/he interested in this product and is s/he happy with it?