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Our Conference Tool – Your Allround Carefree Package

COVID19 requires new ways of communication. That is why we focus on the personalization of a virtual conference tool.

June 2020

The 6th East meets West Conference 2020 “Connecting the dots” connects international LGBTIQ* networks with interested partners from business and society to discuss LGBTIQ* issues, share ideas and create a professional environment for efficient networking.

What makes our virtual conference tool service a carefree package?

This tool allows us to personalize virtual conferences. The virtual environment is customized to your needs, so that the brand and/or your message gets the full focus. In addition to the standard features, our tool also offers a barrier-free use on demand, in which you will be accompanied by sign language interpreters, as was done at the 6th East meets West Conference 2020. Participants from all over the world can also use the Google Translate plug-in in the chat to communicate with each other in their own language.

We support not only in the frontend but also in the backend – from invitation and/or payment management and a helpdesk or techdesk, which is always available during your conference, to a mobile studio as a hybrid version. We also offer onboarding for newcomers – i.e. a carefree package.