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The Team Event … Our Annual Treat!

For many years our annual team event has been an integral part of our corporate culture.

September 2019

Those who work together in teams know that good teamwork is not necessarily self-evident, but is one of the most important factors for the success of a company. When colleagues get on well, treat each other with respect and know their mutual strengths and weaknesses, they can complement each other optimally and interact with each other in the best possible way. This creates a relaxed working atmosphere, promotes motivation and is also great fun!

As a rule, our team event starts with an extensive breakfast. Whether in the office or out in the café, the main thing is to gather our strength for the active part of the day.

Because following the German motto „eine Busfahrt, die ist lustig…“ (“a bus ride is a funny thing…”) we either take the bus or a boat to the next program point.

Arriving at the destination, we quickly hand out the care packages with cool drinks, snacks and small gimmicks and off you go! 😊

Whether exploring the Wupper in a canoe, swinging between the trees like Tarzan and Jane in the climbing park or pestering the “Dragon Rock” (Drachenfels) with questions…

…every year we look for and find exciting new opportunities to develop as a team. But most of all we have a lot of fun and a wonderful time together.